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About us

CyberBlox and its experienced team is comitted to create business solutions and system integrations of Blockchain technology. In 2016, CyberBlox started its first flagship project “”, which showcases the meaningful use of blockchain tech to drive real-world applications. That project is running and being continuously developed and improved.

We at CyberBlox aim to create similar valuable solutions and tools “powered by Blockchain” which enhance user experiences, security, or lower operational cost – compared to running traditional database solutions.

Do you have an interesting project which you feel Blockchain Technology can drive? Need expertise and support in creating or designing a Blockchain-powered solution?
Talk to us. We are interested to work with you.

Empowering Technology for a better world

Cyberblox is a Malaysian IT company that provides cybersecurity solutions and services to corporate clients around the world. Through our team of highly trained, professional cyber experts, Cyberblox helps firms identify and resolve vulnerabilities for compliance, privacy protection and improved business outcomes. We are also into developing SaaS products in various vertical fields like education & training, digital asset tracking, supply chain management.

Projects and Cooperations


Blockchain Crypto Consultancy

Want to brainstorm what Blockchain can do for you?
You need to have a crashcourse in blockchain basics?
About to program/develop your next killer app and want to leverage on this new technology?

We are here for you!

You can hire our experts for one-on-one sessions, classes or speaking events. We are happy to contemplate with you over viability of your project plans, as well as assist with product design and application wireframing.

Depending on the scope of work and expertise required, our hourly professional rate ranges from
US$50.00 to US$150.00.

Our main base is Cyberjaya, Malaysia – we’re able to meet online or in person.

Talk to us.

Bitcoin Lightning Network

Cyberblox aims to be Malaysia’s leading expert on Bitcoin Lightning Channel and Node setup. At the moment, we are not only running several testnet nodes and channels and additionally, we already activated three mainnet Lightning nodes hosted in Cyberjaya (Malaysia). Our focus is on Channel management, Watchtower services, and Remote Channel Onboarding. We are capable to connect your business to the Lightning network within days.

Contact our consultant via if you want to participate in the new decentralized everyday payment protocol.

IT Innovation Development Consulting

There’s pressure to innovation and stay ahead of the competition – in every business. New IT & technology innovations can improve your processes and your bottom line. Cyberblox is a specialist for Distributed Ledger Technology, Cybersecurity and IoT.

Allow us to consult you and then create or procure and then implement the applicable solution.

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